Anyone can enjoy the experience of learning to bellydance! If you have never danced a step in your life, or if you are experienced in other types of dance, you are encouraged to explore this healthy form of movement.

"I love your style -
it can take a dancer anywhere."
C.J., Idaho

Jenna's classes (click tab above to see schedule) are designed to be clear and easy to follow, yet challenging, in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. In beginner classes, movements and steps are broken down systematically, always stressing strong posture, safe technique and graceful movement. Intermediate, Advanced and choreography classes are rooted in technique, and help develop a dancer's poise, presentation, transitions & expression.

Jenna in Las Vegas

Jenna has been teaching middle-eastern or arabic dance since 1997, and became AFAA (Aerobic & Fitness Association of America) certified in 1999. She has conducted middle-eastern dance workshops at universities, corporate health programs and dance studios in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, New Mexico, Idaho & Miami. Please Contact Jenna to book a workshop in your area.

Private lessons or specially-arranged group classes are available by appointment.  A great way to celebrate baby showers, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties with your friends!

"Jenna is an excellent teacher with a warm and open style that made every dancer from the advanced to beginners feel at home...Her attention to posture and attitude, as well as her winning personality, made this one of the most enjoyable workshops I have attentded.  I would recommend her workshops to anyone."
From "Chronicles" Workshop Review by Celine of New Mexico

"Jenna is a genius at breaking each move down so that everyone has fun and no one is left behind.  Studying with Jenna is a real treat."
J. Akpobome, Los Angeles




This class is for intermediate and advanced Dancers who are interested in performance. The class will train in bellydance choreographies of various kinds, and include technique in veil, finger cymbals, shimmies, cane, wings, balancing, folkloric steps, and improvisation work at different times (can't fit ALL that in every class! ;)

Students who are dedicated and KNOW the choreographies solidly will have performance opportunities as a member of the Birds of Paradise!

This is an open class, no auditions necessary, but is not meant for beginner dancers. Regular class fee. Let's DANCE!



Beginner Bellydance

Drop in anytime to this ongoing beginner class - the first one is FREE! Jenna's focus on posture and solid basic technique helps get you started on the right foot. You will work on all the bellydance basics -- figure eights, undulations, arm , shoulder & hip movements as well as footwork and, of course, the shimmy -- developing all the tools to understand the movements, eventually master them, and take your dance anywhere you want it to go! A great companion for the class is Jenna's Basics & Beyond DVD available in our boutique.


7:30-8:30pm On Hiatus - to return this summer

Beyond Beginner Bellydance

So you have had a few classes and you are feeling ready to move on and up the challenge! This class explores more complex movements and traveling steps, and most enticingly, introduces the bellydancer’s best friends — the finger cymbals and veil! Yes! Jenna gets you started with time-tested techniques for understanding the rhythms played on the zills so you can begin to feel comfort and ease while playing (with practice of course!). Her meticulous examination of the mechanics necessary for making your veil dance like a magical spirit across the stage will give you the tools to create art with a few yards of fabric! This is the next step — so exciting!


DanceGarden Studio in Atwater Village
3191 Casitas Ave, Suite 112
Los Angeles 90039

Close to the 2 and 5 freeways.

Too far too drive in that LA traffic? LEARN AT HOME with Jenna's world-renowned belly dance DVDs, available in our boutique.


One class: $15.00
Ten-class card: $110.00 (Save 40$!)

Packages available for purchase online at the bottom of the page, or in our boutique or in person at DanceGarden!

Please contact Jenna about rates for private classes

Words of Inspiration from Tamalyn Dallal

"The student phase is like childhood. It is beautiful, and if you don't have a childhood, adulthood can be pretty messed up. I have seen people jump into the professional arena too fast. They get jaded and look for the attention and money more than the art and enjoyment. Art is a gift, and when you open it, you need to share it. Do so with heart, for people who appreciate you and give you energy. ...Be a child in this dance for a long time and savor it. Don't think that because someone else is doing something, you have to do it. You have to be seasoned and thick skinned as a professional, so don't rush to get that way. Also, learn, learn, learn..Not just new steps, but how these dances came about and where they are from. Learn about the world."


Cash is preferred for single classes or 2 classes back to back. Credit Cards and checks accepted at DanceGarden for class cards & Dance Passports.

What to Wear

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement, like what you might wear to a yoga or exercise class.

Barefeet or dance slippers recommended. No street shoes are allowed on the dance floor. You may wish to tie a scarf around the hips. For classes using veils & zils, please bring your own veil and finger cymbals/ zils/ sagat if you have them. We will have some available in class to borrow if you don't.


All classes are ongoing, meeting every week (except for Intro Course, for which registration is required).

There is no need for reservations or pre-registration --Drop-ins are welcome in the appropriate level. Feel free to call or email if you are unsure of your level.

Planned cancellations will be listed on the schedule ahead of time.

Same-day cancellations are rare, but in case of uncertainty, you may call DanceGarden at 323.660.4556 where we do our best to leave last-minute schedule changes on the outgoing message.  We also try to announce them on our twitter feed, available on the DanceGarden homepage.

Private Classes Available

Please contact Jenna to schedule an appointment.  Private classes available at DanceGardenLA in Atwater Village, or wherever its convenient for you: the Valley, MidCity, Hollywood, Santa Monica & the West Side, even the Inland Empire!

Photo with workshop students

Jenna with bellydance students at her Albuquerque 2006 Egyptian pop choreography workshop.


Special Bellydance workshops in L.A., N.Y. and around the world! See the events page or contact Jenna to book a workshop in your area! 
Topics include : Arm Yourself!  Hands and Arms to Frame your Dance;
 Rhythm Labs on Stylization & Combinations for popular bellydance rhythms; Choreography; Dancing with Veil - Technique for Effortless Veilwork, Strategies for Improvising and Choreographing Your Dance


To find bellydance and middle-eastern folk dance teachers in other areas of the world, please try